Command, Control, Communication, and Intelligence (C3I) system is a kind of System of Systems (SoS) that is increasingly leveraging ICT infrastructures. As C3I systems are becoming more pervasive in military and law enforcement organizations that are usually involved in search and rescue missions. There is a high risk of cyber-attacks on such systems. Given that it is inevitable that a cyber-attack will happen at one stage or another, it is important to be ready for promptly responding to the attack. This research challenge aims at providing tooling support for modelling the security of operational activities of C3i systems, particularly in the search and rescue mission domain. The provided modelling will underpin the identification of the response activities that is how the C3i system will response when it is under an attack. The availability of security modelling tool will greatly benefit the designer of C3i system in determining, planning, and testing the response of C3i system to various kinds of attacks at the design stage. The proposed work will leverage SysML based an Open Source tool, Papyrusm, semantic modelling, natural language processing and model-driven engineering for providing security modelling of the operational activities of C3I systems as SoS in a sub-set of search and rescue mission domian.

The expected outcome for addressing this challenge will be:

  • A tool for modelling security of operational activities of C3I System.