Project 1 Title

This is the introduction.

Team Involved

Name 1

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name 2

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Name 3

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Project Milestones

Phase - I

Date: XXX

The Mock-up is a XXX on mock-up data. It should be able to function as the provided specification. It is desirable that the mockup is available online to help our industry collaborators in understanding the idea and giving feedback for improvement.

Next milestones are based on future discussions and feedback.

Technical Aspects

Specific details repated to the project - delivery, parameters, scope, scalability and etc.

Project background information


some link to related project workings

Set up system environment

Follow the offical instrustion to install plugins from XXX link.

Note: Mention any system prerequisites before installation.

sudo apt install xxx

Data source required

Add a new data source link

Link to any database

Import JSON file when adding panel, and choose the TestData DB data source.