Secure Mobile Health Application Engineering

Smartphone ownership has surpassed three billion, and it is expected to increase by several hundred million in the next few years. Healthcare becomes one of the primary domains that strive to utilise mobile applications (apps) to empower and innovate health services. Many evidence was presented in previous studies that showed that employing mobile health apps is an effective approach to enhance end-users' health for several clinical scenarios (e.g., dermatologic care apps, chronic management apps, rehabilitation apps). Despite the many advantages of using mobile health apps, security remains an ongoing concern that needs to be addressed. Many mobile health apps would be dealing with highly sensitive health data, and insecure apps would pose significant risks.

CREST centre aims to investigate the challenges and solutions that help to develop secure mobile health apps. Our research is conducted with industry to collect evidence-based practices. This approach helps to understand and address the challenges, explore the different strategies and tools to design, implement, and deploy secure mobile health apps.