Security Orchestration and Automation

At CREST researchers are leveraging existing software engineering, analytical reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning tools and techniques to develop a secure and integrated platform. Our aim is to help build a secure and integrated platform that is easy to use and evolve with the changing threat landscape and increase the operation efficiency of the cybersecurity team.

Security orchestration and automation aim at integrating different types of multi vendor security software used by security operation centres to automate and accelerate the security incident response process. It is believed to be one of the key areas that require more attention from the researcher and practitioners of the cybersecurity community for the realization of next-generation defense technology. In recent years it has gained substantial attention from industries. According to Market research and Gartner, security orchestration and automation tends to be a billion dollars industry by 2021. Security orchestration and automation is a must-have technology by most organizations due to the dynamic security threat landscape and huge skill gaps in the cybersecurity domain. It aims at reducing the burden on human expertise and accelerate the response toward a security attack.