Our Team

Le Ba Dung

My name is “Lê Bá Dũng” (in Vietnamese script) which can be written in English script as “Ba Dung” (first name) and “Le” (last name). My main research interests are in Data mining, Machine learning and Artificial intelligence. Currently, I am focusing on Classification and Clustering algorithms. I obtained a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the School of Computer Science of University of Adelaide, Australia. My Ph.D. thesis was on the topic “Community detection in complex networks”. During my Ph.D., I developed a novel algorithm for detecting the community structure of complex networks and a novel benchmark for evaluating community detection algorithms. Before pursuing my Ph.D., I was a lecturer at the Faculty of Information Technology of Vietnam Maritime University, Vietnam.

Mojtaba Shahin

I am a Research Fellow in the Faculty of Information Technology, Monash University, Australia. I completed my Ph.D. in Computer Science with a major in Software Engineering in 2018 at The University of Adelaide, Australia. I am passionate about research on Software Engineering. My research goal is to develop a deep understanding of how software-intensive systems are developed, designed, and evaluated in the industry. Based on this deep understanding, I then develop and evaluate theories, techniques, processes, and tools to increase software organizations' ability to develop and deploy high-quality software-intensive systems. My research interests reside in Empirical Software Engineering, Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering, Software Architecture, DevOps, Secure Software Engineering, and Qualitative Research. I am currently working with OVIS Lab and HumaniSE Lab to understand how to embed human values (e.g., equality, diversity) in software. I also develop techniques to help build the next generation of software that better meets the needs of diverse and unique people (e.g., aging people).

Competencies: Empirical Software Engineering, Human and Social Aspects of Software Engineering, Software Architecture, DevOps, Secure Software Engineering, and Qualitative Research.

Leonardo Horn Iwaya

Leonardo H. Iwaya is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies (CREST) at the University of Adelaide on projects funded by the Cyber Security Cooperative Research Centre (CSCRC). His work focuses on information security and privacy for new technologies, in particular mobile and ubiquitous health (mHealth/uHealth) systems. Leonardo completed his PhD in Computer Science at Karlstad University (KAU), MSc in Electrical Engineering at University of São Paulo (USP) and BSc in Computer Science at Santa Catarina State University (UDESC). During his career he already worked for Ericsson Research (Brazil and Sweden) in various projects in the areas of mobile health, cloud network security, and security APIs. During the PhD he worked in many European projects, such as the EU H2020 PAPAYA (PlAtform for PrivAcY preserving data Analytics). At CREST he has been involved in the CSCRC projects such as the Cyber Common Operating Picture for Executive Level Decision-Making, as well as research on security and privacy for mHealth/uHealth systems, and Docker technology. Most of his research intersects the areas of security, privacy, and healthcare with advanced cloud- and AI-based technologies.

Competencies: Privacy engineering, cybersecurity, mobile health, health informatics, privacy impact assessment, natural language processing, human factors, mixed-method research.

Hao Chen

My research interest is applying deep learning algorithms to software engineering and programming language. I am a Ph.D. student of Computer Science under the Supervision of Professor Muhammad Ali Babar and Professor Chunhua Shen in Crest Centre, at University of Adelaide, Australia. My Ph.D. is focused on “Deep Learning for General Purpose Code Generation.” My goal is to devise neural network models for source code analysis and generation. Previously, I worked as a research scientist at NetEase Inc. China. I obtained my master’s and bachelor’s degree from the School of Computer Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University, China.


Fengyi Yang

Fengyi (Frances) Yang is a research assistant of the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technology (CREST). Frances has had experience in fields of machine learning, data mining, control and robotics. Frances’ Honours Project is on Adversarial Machine Learning in Network Intrusion Detection. Frances’ research interest is in machine learning and natural language processing. The current research project Frances is working on is Defence against Adversarial Machine Learning in Sentiment Classification.

Competencies: Machine learning, adversarial machine learning.

Mai Anh Khoa Nguyen

Mai Anh Khoa Nguyen is a research engineer of the Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technology (CREST). He obtained his Master's degree in Software Engineering from The University of Adelaide. He is currently working on the security modelling of the Command, Control, Communication and Intelligence (C3I) Systems under the supervision of Professor Ali Babar. His research focuses on the application of model-driven engineering, text mining, agent-based modelling and simulation to discover the security vulnerabilities and cascading attacks of the System of Systems (SoS).

Competencies: Cyber Security, Security Modelling, Model Driven Engineering, Text Mining, Web Technologies.


I am currently pursuing a Master of Computer Science degree at the University of Adelaide. Before that, I worked as a Software Engineer at Ford Motor Company for four years, where I performed activities related to design, development, integration, and testing of complex Information Systems using Agile methodology. My interest lies in analyzing and solving complex problems in the field of Software Engineering and Cyber Security.

Anying Xiang

Anying is doing the Software Engineering activity under the supervision of Professor Muhammad Ali Babar at Crest, the University of Adelaide. She completed the Master of Software Engineering at the University of Adelaide.