Jamal EL HACHEM is an Assistant Professor at ENSIBS engineering school, University of South Brittany. Her research activities fall under the theme of Software Engineering, focusing on cybersecurity engineering for software-intensive systems. They aim to investigate Model Driven Engineering approaches to guide modeling and automate cybersecurity analysis of softwareintensive systems. She obtained her Ph.D. title at the University of Pau in December 2017 defending her thesis entitled “A Model Driven Method to Design and Analyze Secure System-of-Systems Architectures. Application to Predict Cascading Attacks in Smart Buildings”. She then worked two years as a temporary research assistant at the University of Pau. She collaborated on software engineering projects with international research labs (CREST-University of Adelaide, School of Innovation design and Engineering-Mälardalen University).

Competencies: Cybersecurity engineering for software-intensive systems, guide modeling and automate cybersecurity analysis of softwareintensive systems

Shanshan Li is a visiting PhD student from Nanjing University under joint-supervision of Professor Muhammad Ali Babar and Professor He Zhang (Jason). Her research interests include software architecture, microservices and DevOps. With the aim of providing an effective guidance for practitioners on smooth migration to microservices architecture, her research is to establish a solid background knowledge of the state-of-the-art of microservices including the impacts on quality attributes, challenges, and gaps between the visions and the reality. She also aims to comprehensively explore architectural strategies of a smoother microservices architecture design from both academic studies and industrial practices, and finally provide effective solutions for practitioners to address some specific challenges, e.g., microservices-oriented decomposition.

Competencies: Software architecture, Microservices Architecture, Blockchain-Based Supply Chain, Evidence-Based Software Engineering (EBSE)