Hien Le

Hien Le is a final year Master of Data Science student at the University of Adelaide. Hien obtained her bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at the University of Melbourne. Hien received both scholarships on entry for her academic merit and was awarded Executive Dean’s Recognition of Academic Excellence by the University of Adelaide. Hien is currently working on a research project regarding automated cyber threat analysis module under the supervision of Professor Ali Babar and Dr. Chadni Islam. The research seeks to predict security incident and estimate financial impact of cyber-attacks on organisations from threat intelligence data by utilising Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques. Hien is enthusiastic about opportunities that allow her to combine both interests in data science and finance.

Bo Li

Bo Li is a Master of Cybersecurity student at University of Adelaide. He graduated from Xidian University, China with a Bachelor of Information security from the Faculty of Telecommunications Engineering. He has worked in the software industry for more than 10 years in several large companies and has extensive experience in software development, software architecture design and agile development. The research project he is currently working on is Automated analysis and recommendation of security incident response plan using Deep learning model under the supervision of Professor Ali Babar and Dr. Chadni Islam. This research project wants to analyze incident response through machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, and generate a guide book for incident response. Discover potential security threats as early as possible through the analysis of incident response data. He is passionate about research projects combining machine learning, artificial intelligence and information security. At the same time, he enjoys the opportunity to work with an excellent team.