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Centre for Research on Engineering Software Technologies


Helping industries, governments, and societies to build human- as well as technological-based competencies in software systems engineering.

Engineering Secure Software-intensive Systems: Principles and Practices

At CREST researchers are leveraging existing software engineering, analytical reasoning, natural language processing and machine learning tools and techniques to develop a secure and integrated platform. Our aim is to help build a secure and integrated platform that is easy to use and evolve with the changing threat landscape and increase the operation efficiency of the cybersecurity team.

Cyber Security Analytics and Automation

Within the area of AI for cybersecurity, CREST researchers leverage the application of AI such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing for automated security data such as logfile, threat intelligence reports, security tool documentation analysis, phishing detection, data theft detection and so on. The aim is to design, develop and deploy AI-based automation in security to minimize and assist the human efforts. As the potential of AI is being explored to boost cyber security, it is also being used by hackers. Hence, the vision is to come up with AI-powered solutions with a mix of traditional methods and AI to stay on top of cyber security strategy with automated security data and documentation analysis.

Infrastructure Security and Automation

Researchers at CREST leverage various artificial intelligence approaches to develop tools and techniques to better understand the developers’ viewpoint on security while adopting container technologies in industry. We study a large volume of container-related data in open source software repositories (GitHub), Question/Answering Platforms (Stack Overflow, Docker Forum) as well as container image repositories (Docker Hub) to find and analyse the security issues. This research will help container developers and researchers to understand container security requirements and provide a broad view of possible security attacks and risks.

Distributed Ledger and Its Engineering

The last decade has witnessed the proliferation of data collection and artificial intelligence in our daily lives. Technological advances under the Internet of Things moniker have extended the scope of data collection beyond our interactions with the digital world to cover real-world phenomena. The next evolution would emerge when intelligent machines can coordinate to carry out complex processes with minimal human involvement.


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